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nonnothing's Journal

Everything I love.
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Inspiration from television, characters, celebrities, movies, music, etc.

a collection of everything fandom

& Supernatural, Merlin, Gossip Girl, House, True Blood,
The O.C., Entourage, Heroes, Lost, Friends, Nip/Tuck,
Being Human, etc., Lord of The Rings, Fight Club, Requiem
For A Dream, Twilight, Harry Potter, 500 Days Of Summer,
Deuces Wild, etc., Florence and The Machines, Muse, Likke Li,
Lady Gaga, Lifehouse, Bibio, etc., people and characters
that I find inspiring, good music, old movies, etc.

+ Closed Membership. watch //
+ Any user can post to this community
without having to join it,
BUT new entries must be approved
by a moderator before they appear in the community.
+ I strongly encourage the use of
photoshop in designing and colorization.

inspired by newsouls and skinnydip